On the 1st December we had our yearly meeting in Kerkdriel at the home of Jan Hooymans, a good time was had by all, and firstly we had a nice trip to Wout Spierings new place in Belgium, it was my first visit here and his new lofts were spectacular, Wouts worked very hard and put a lot of thought into this state of the art loft with no stone left unturned, I’m sure a lot of success will come Wouts way!

The next morning we went to Jans pigeon paradise, his new purpose built stock loft and office is a sight to behold. Wall after wall of champion pigeons of years gone by and the present day. The future is very bright @ Team Hooymans. Below is a nice team photo taken in Jans office of (from L to R)

Jan Hooymans, John Crehan, Michel new long distance manager and the highly talented Christian Van Wettering.