I think its fair to say 2021 has had its ups and downs for the majority of fanciers in the U.K and also throughout Europe.

The stop start season due to Covid and the up and down weather we seemed to constantly be getting almost every weekend was at times really frustrating.

Combined with the zero racing from France and some fanciers having to change the direction they raced it definitely was a year to forget.

Overall its been a fantastic season for Team Hooymans U.K. as you will see from the results over view below.

From 15 races competed in 2022:

8 x 1st federations

4 x 2nds federations

4 x 3rd federations

Now its time for the birds to have a well earned rest and have a good moult in preparation for 2022.

Lets hope 2022 is more straight forward and once again channel racing can commence.

Im currently in the process of selecting some 2021 young birds that will shortly be for sale from my very best direct Hooymans breeding pairs. There will only be approx. 12 pairs available. If anyone would like details on these birds before they are advertised please send me an email using the “contact” button on the website.