This weeks race was from Yeovil, 176 miles to my loft. This week i decided to send 22 birds in Altrincham federation where there was 973 birds competing and 12 to North Cheshire federation where there was 1535 birds competing .

The birds were liberated at 10am into a light North Easterly breeze. The birds were very gappy and were arriving from every angle of the compass and were very jumpy, I’m not sure if this was because it was the firstly Easterly wind they had encountered this year or the peregrines had been attacking them on route home, but this is pigeon racing.

In North cheshire federation i finished 4th fed 1535 birds

In Altrincham fed i finished up with 12,14,28th federation. Not a great performance for my own standards but you can’t win them all in competitive pigeon races. On a plus point returns once again were brilliant. federation results below.