We can speak of a successful collaboration between Jan Hooymans and John Crehan at Team Hooymans UK, which has been flying under this name since 2019. Also in the years before flying under the name Crehan & O’Connor, John was already very successful with Hooymans pigeons, and two seasons ago (2018) he had no less than 2 Olympiad pigeons for England. Both were direct Hooymans. Team Hooymans UK also became legendary by winning the “Gouden Duif UK / Ireland” title 2 years in a row!

In 2019, Team Uk won no fewer than 24 times 1st prize, of which you can see the best below:
Worcester 768 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-6-etc. (1e prize NL18-305 from brother Blue Brave x dgtr. Harry x New Stareye)
Worcester 779 p.: 1-2-8-etc. (1e prize NL17-709 from son James Bond x dgtr Harry)
Tewkesbury 968 p.: 1-5-8-etc. (1e prize NL17-561 from brother Harry x dgtr Dream Pair Mevr. Snellen)
Nat. Carentan 1.947 p.: 1 (1e prize NL19-668 (Lilly Bear) from son New Harry x dgtr. Harry x Alexia)

In 2020 a relatively small racing team (25 couples) competed in the races. You can see that the results were again of a very high level in the highlights below:
25x top 10 in Groot Verband
4x 1e prize in Groot Verband plus 1e Grand National:
1e Wollaston 4.273 p. 115 km
1e Cheltenham 3.511 p. 180 km
1e Hullavington 1.951 p. 225 km
1e Tewkesbury 1.470 p. 170 km
1e Grand Nat. Yeovil 1.045 p. 295 km
Click here for all top 25 results in Groot Verband

The 1e Wollaston (4.273 p) and the 1e Hullavington (1.951 p) were won both by children of Prodigy. Prodigy, the nestbrother of Olympic Jan and bred by Jan Hooymans, was himself a talented racer on the racing team of Team UK. Prodigy himself is now in the breeding lofts of Jan in Kerkdriel and he already produced 2 winners for Team UK.

Auteur Van Eck Jack.
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